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President letter
Welcome to join Fengdun and regards it as your career.  When you become a member of Fengdun shoes,  your name is closely related with “Fengdun”.  For your whole life,  you will share a common fate with it!
Firstly established as a family workshop,  Fengdun shoes now has been  the witness and undergoer of Gaomi shoes industry development after ten years of development.  We weeded out low workshop-style factory and replaced it with large scale standard factory,  well-trained production team and harmoniuos and united sales team.  However,  this is unworthy of our proud because this is only a small part of our ideality.  We firmly belive we can creat miracles and we will build a brand star which shines brighter among the same industry even the whole world!
Our long development goal----“Creat China’s famous brand,  build centenary prosperous enterprise”.  In order to achieve it,  everyone of the company will make great sacrifice.  But we won’t change our goal.  “Do public welfare to society,  bring benefit to employees” is the unavoidable responsibility of Fengdun people.
“Pursuing excellence,  continuing innovation”.  In the time of Fengdun career overall going up,  we need more outstanding people to work for the goal.  Fengdun carrer will be more glorious and splendid because of your join and will walk in the forefront of the industry because of your intelligence.  Joining Fengdun would be the wisest choice of your life.  Choosing Fengdun means choosing stable and beautiful life,  choosing a chance to quickly improve yourself and choosing a bright future!
Enterprise core value
“Unify knowledge and action,  pursue the highest good ” is the core value.  It requires not only self-perfection,  but also highlight the harmonious growing with outside customers and inside colleagues.  “Unitfy knowledge and action” means the object shall comply with the subject.  Knowledge refers to science knowledge and action refers to human pactice.  The unification of knowledge and action dosen’t mean to replace action with knowledge,  regarding knowledge as action,  or to replace knowledge with action,  regarding action as knowledge.  “Pursue the highest good” is an innovative and surpassing state that never ends and a spirit that tireless pursuing ferfection.  The core value indicates our self-positioning as becoming the recognized model of same industry and even all industries.
Enterprise tenet:  Bring benefit to the employees,  contribute to the society
Enterprise spirit:  Pursuing excellence,  continuing innovation
Enterprise phylosophy: 
1, Fengdun carrer, integrity is the basis.
2, Fengdun is a family and all members shall respect and care for each other.
3, We believe that the sucess of Fengdun career is the only ideal way to achive self-value.
4, we must be good at listening to the surbodinates’ opion, advice and complaint.
Enterprise goal: Creat china’s famous brand, build centurial prosperous enterprise
Enterprise slogan: Fengdun career, we are proud of you!